Original Apple | Unrefined Sugar | Organic | Vegan Honey | 250g

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Vegan Honey Alternative

Northern Pantry proudly presents our Unrefined plant-based vegan "honey" alternative. 

This sweetener has been hand-crafted in Lancashire, using organic apples grown and pressed in the UK, Unrefined Natural Cane Sugar* & infused with edible flowers & Natural Flavouring

Our Honey Alternative can be used to replace traditional honey, perfect for people with allergies, babies, vegans, environmentally conscious people & all those in-between! 

- Cruelty / Animal Free 

- Sustainable 

- Local  

*Why Unrefined Natural Cane Sugar? 

Unrefined sugar retains much more of sugar’s natural nutrients, such as calcium, iron and magnesium

The foundations of this flavour are rooted within an apple base, yet emulating the taste of traditional honey. Our specialist sweetener can be used in many of the same ways as traditional honey. It is especially delicious spread on toast!

10p from the sale of each jar of our Vegan Honey Alternative is donated to the Lancashire Wildlife Trust, to help with the education on the use of pesticides and the current Bee decline. 

Did you know? 

On average it takes around 6,000 bees to fill one jar of 250g traditional honey? But not ours, bees are only used in the natural process of pollinating the apple trees. 


Please do not refrigerate | If clouding appears, heat gently. 

Ingredients: Unrefined Cane Sugar (50%), Water (32%), Fresh Apple Press (17%), Fresh Lemon Juice, and Natural Flavourings.


We offer delivery on our Plant-based Vegan Honey Alternative & Oat Drink Powder to UK Mainland and Ireland.

Standard Delivery: £3.50 per 2kg (1 Jar = 500g) Royal Mail 2nd Class

Next Day Delivery: £5.50 per 2kg (1 Jar = 500g) Please order before 1pm Mon - Fri Only)

We offer FREE UK shipping on all orders over £20.00!*


*Your order will be dispatched within 1 working day of receiving payment (Monday-Thursday) and you should expect to receive it three days after dispatch (for orders sent RM 2nd Class).

*Remember our vegan honey alternative can be used in replacement of traditional honey, without the use of hives (Only plants, sugar & natural flavourings!) The perfect alternative for vegans, vegetarians and all those in between!