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What is a "honey" alternative?
Our alternative is a golden sticky sweet sustainable plant-based syrup alternative to traditional honey. The two main ingredients are natural cane sugar and locally sourced fruit, with a mixture of natural flavourings. It tastes like traditional honey and has the same consistency as honey, however it is not produced by bees, it is produced by hand.
How can our specialist sweetener be used?
Our sweeteners can be used in exactly the same way as traditional honey. It is suitable to have: On its own, in tea, on desserts or even spread onto a slice of toast. Basically, any way you choose. The list is endless!
Who is this for? Is it suitable for me?
Our "Honey" alternative is for all of you traditional honey lovers and more, including vegans and infants under the age of 12 months! As Hunnie is hand crafted via a cruelty free process it contains no animal products, meaning not even a drop of traditional honey is used during the manufacturing process.