Who are we?

We are Northern Pantry; founded in 2019 in the heart of Lancashire, North West England.

Our vision is to present you with fully flavoured cruelty free alternatives to traditional foods, which are both fresh & sustainable, using locally sourced ingredients where possible.

Our two main ingredients are natural organic cane sugar and the juice of hand-picked locally grown fruit.

The products we offer are hand crafted in open top steel pans, ensuring that a honey-like consistency is achieved with every batch.

We aim to participate in the regeneration of the bee population by donating 10p of every item that we sell to a locally based pollinator organisation.

Possessing a big love of nature and an even bigger love of food, we aim to produce ethically sourced high quality culinary alternatives with no half measures.

" Use as an ethical alternative, our products can be used in exactly the same way as honey. Perfect for vegans, children and those with allergies.”

Ben Culff