Oat Milk Powder has finally arrived!

Oat Milk Powder has finally arrived!

Did you know a glass of cows (dairy) milk produces almost three times more greenhouse gas than any plant-based milk?

Plant-based "milks" such as Oats, Soya & Coconut are less environmentally taxing than animal-based products.

Oat Milk Powder is a plant-based milk powder alternative that is derived from finely ground whole oats, which are a good source of protein, fibre and is enriched with  calcium and phosphorus , which are minerals that have a positive effect on our body in the field of digestive enzymes and help maintain the proper condition of bones and teeth.

Northern Panty's Oat Powder is completely free of dairy including Casein, cholesterol, artificial colors and flavors. The finely milled oats used in this creamy goodness are proud to be Non-GMO Verified. Our Oat Milk Powder is inspired by the creaminess of dairy milk, without the cruelty of cows or massive impacts to the environment.

Our Oat Milk Powder provides a rich and guilt-free option for anyone wanting seeking an alternative to traditional cows milk. Oat Milk Powder can be used as a substitute for dairy milk, in cooking or baking, or enjoyed in your morning cup of coffee.